Prescription Services

Filling Prescriptions

We'll fill prescriptions from your doctor, even if they're outside the university or out-of-state. You can also transfer prescriptions between us and another pharmacy, in-state or out-of-state.

New Prescriptions From Your Doctor

You can bring in the original or have your doctor phone in, fax or send your prescription information electronically. Give us a call at 803-777-4890.

Transferring To or From an Outside Pharmacy

To transfer prescriptions FROM an outside pharmacy TO The Center for Health and Well-being Pharmacy, please complete our transfer form. Please allow 24-48 hours for your prescription to be transferred.

Picking Up Your Prescriptions

Filling a prescription usually takes about 20 minutes and they are filled in the order they're received. Certain situations can increase the normal wait time such as multiple prescriptions, insurance issues or physician consultations.


  • Park in the Bull Street Garage for 30 minutes or less for free while you pick up your prescription. Just show your pharmacy receipt to the parking attendant.

What To Bring

  • Be sure to bring your CarolinaCard, government-issued ID, prescription insurance card and any discount cards you want to use.
  • A valid government-issued photo ID is required for all controlled-substance prescriptions and Pseudoephedrine products.

I Need Someone Else To Pick Up My Prescription

  • If someone else is going to pick up your prescription for you, call us and tell us who is picking up the prescription. The person picking up must show show their ID.

Vacation Medication Supply

  • If You Use Insurance: We will work with your insurance company to see if they allow for a vacation supply.
  • No Insurance: If you're not using insurance for your prescription, you can get enough of your medication to get you through the time you'll be gone.

Refilling Prescriptions


Via the PocketRX App

  • Refill from your phone with the PocketRX app for iPhone and Android.

Over the Phone